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About the video: DOES YOUR LOGO HAVE GOOD JUJU? An upbeat look at how award-winning graphic designer Paul Clark R.G.D. applies the 5,000 year old metaphysical science of Feng Shui to create energetic Logos & Wordmarks. To see: WAVE LOGO DESIGN SAMPLES
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Welcome to WAVE

At Wave Creative Design our main concern is giving you exactly what you need to promote your business online or in print, without bogging you down in all the techno blah blah blah of how we get it done, because we know you have much more important things to think about!

Whether you need a logo, a brochure, a website, a video, insight into free online promo venues or all of the above, our process is simple.  We'll spend some time getting to know you and your business, then together we'll have fun translating your aspirations into effective promotional tools and creating a customized look exclusively for you.

Our Pricing Policy

Because of the variety of different ways that WAVE can be used, we don't have "off the shelf" pricing, but will work with you to match your requirements and budget. We'd love to talk with you to better understand your requirements and how WAVE can fit into your business.

Please come in, look around and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 


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